Posted on August 1, 2017


Rajnish from India

Café Babylon (Vol. 3) – Anna interviewed Rajnish for Café Babylon and he can’t wait till the programme will broadcast. Our listeners from local region should turn the webstream on Campusradio Karlsruhe at 5 pm. You will listen to Rajnish’s favorite music from his homeland India. Editor and presenter: Anna Hein

Posted on Juli 7, 2017


Ali from Iran

Café Babylon (Vol. 2) – Anna spoke with Ali, a student from Iran. After doing his Bachelor of Science in physics while in Iran and his Masters Degree in Jena, Ali decided to do a joint PhD programme in Florence, Italy and to continue his studies here in Karlsruhe. Listen to his experiences and his […]

Posted on Mai 26, 2017


Tim from Shanghai

Listen to our first episode of Café Babylon, today at 5 p.m.! Josh talks with Tim, a student from Shanghai. He will tell us about his arrival in Germany and his favourite music. Editor and presenter: Josh Bayless