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New Waves #8

We finish the semester as we started it: With a party warm-up set. Njoy Thursday, February 27th, 9pm, 104.8  fm and on campusradio-karlsruhe.de

Mann mit Kappe


Happy Twennytwenny! This time is the Monday of the year… So it can only get better. Promised! I start u off with a well balanced mix of some new and old tunes. Thursday, January...



This month lots of new releases by Eartheater, Varg²™, Burial, Proc Fiskal, Shygirl, unreleased material of Dean Blunt and some older tunes. And lots of new releases from 76666: Gonna play you some tracks...


This month we have a lot of new releases by Vegyn, Shhmokey, Dean Blunt, Clipping, Earl, Danny Brown.. Part of them will be two new tracks by 76666 Crew-members thirdworldlabour and Malis. Tune in...

Bild-Collage mit Elektro-Roller, Blättern und Blumen


The new semester started and with it the new party-season. So here’s your party warm-up. Tune in, Thursday, 9 p.m.

Bild von Gebäude mit Kuppel in einer Straße


One more hour of new music that tiptoes across the genre boarders of experimental Rap, Trap, Wave, Jungle & Ambient. Tune in, Thursday, 9 pm on stream and UKW 104.8.

Fantastic mixture with NEW WAVES #2

In this months episode of NEW WAVES Chris plays you some recent and not so recent releases from the field of rap, avant-garde electronica, punk, ambient and experimental metal. Feel good vibes and bangers...

Aufnahme zweier Menschen mit 3D-Kamera


NEW WAVES is your monthly portion of recent and not so recent releases from the field of avant-garde electronica, emo, neo folk, trap, goth, footwork, punk, gabba, redneck, dark wave, world music and beyond....