Posted on September 11, 2019

Campusradio Karlsruhe

Autumn Vibes

With summer slowly coming to an end, the opportunity for outdoor activities is becoming limited. Why not make yourself a comfortable afternoon indoors with some handpicked jazz? In the upcoming show, Josh has brought some of his favourites from his autumn jazz playlist, including a piece performed on an instrument which is played without any […]

Posted on Mai 23, 2019

Campusradio Karlsruhe

Dazzling Duets

Who doesn’t love a duet? Two beautiful voices complimenting each other and often setting a real romantic mood. „Dazzling Duets“ is the theme of this week’s Josh’s Jazz. Tony Bennet and Lady Gaga, Dean Martin and Helen O’Connel, Nancy Sinatra and Frank Sinatra… Those are just a few artists featuring in the show. Summer vibes […]

Posted on April 2, 2019

Campusradio Karlsruhe

1940s and 1950s Jazz

This week’s Josh’s Jazz is full of jazz from the 1940s and 1950s! Sit back and relax to performances by Fred Astaire, Glenn Miller, Billie Holiday, Cole Porter, Jo Stafford and many more. An hour full of big bands, crooning voices, pieces written for musicals and melodies that are bound to get you tapping your […]

Posted on März 5, 2019

Campusradio Karlsruhe

Solely Sax

“Solely Sax” is the motto of this week’s “Josh’s Jazz”! Josh is dedicating the whole hour to the beautiful instrument, the saxophone, and some of the great jazz artists and composers who have played it. Some pieces are slow and sensual such as Sonny Rollins “In A Sentimental Mood” and others such as “Groovin’ U” […]

Posted on Februar 14, 2019

Campusradio Karlsruhe

Round off the day with some Jazz

Bing Crosby, Astrud Gilberto, Timi Yuro… that’s just naming a few artists featuring in „Josh’s Jazz“. This week’s show is a handpicked mix of mellow and sentimental jazz. As always, you can also look forward to some information and less known facts on some of the pieces. For instance why the song „Nancy (with the […]

Posted on Januar 22, 2019

Campusradio Karlsruhe

Blue Note Records

„The finest jazz since 1939!“ That’s the motto the legendary jazz record label „Blue Note Records“ goes by. It has recorded some of the greats such as Art Blakey, Horace Silver and Sonny Rollins. Still today, the label contributes immensely to the catalogue of jazz. In this weeks show Josh will be sharing a bit […]

Posted on Dezember 20, 2018

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Josh’s Jazz: Christmas Special 2018

Tonight at 18:00 the last “Josh’s Jazz” of the year, a Christmas special will air! Greats such as Nat King Cole, Andy Williams, Michael Bublé and Tony Bennet are sure to get you into the Christmas spirit if you aren’t already.Handpicked by Josh and as always with some interesting information and stories in-between. Get comfortable […]

Posted on November 21, 2018

Campusradio Karlsruhe


With the days getting shorter and colder, often the nicest thing to do is to get comfortable with a good book or music. This week’s show is full of jazz compositions and songs that are perfect for that cozy mood – as always handpicked. Get a coffee or tea brewing and tune in to Josh’s […]

Posted on Oktober 11, 2018

Campusradio Karlsruhe

Jazz on the moon

Did you know that during NASA’s successful Apollo 11 mission, astronaut Buzz Aldrin played a jazz standard on a portable cassette player after stepping onto the moon? To find out which piece that was and enjoy an hour of handpicked jazz, make sure to tune into this week’s show! Charles Mingus, Ibrahim Maalouf and a […]

Posted on September 19, 2018

Campusradio Karlsruhe

Time to chill out

This week’s episode Josh’s Jazz is all about the music genre Chill Hop, and more specifically Jazz Hop. As the name already suggests, Jazz Hop is a fusion of Jazz and Hip Hop music. Some characteristics of it, are it being slow, scenic music often with an absence of lyrics. Whether you’re actively listening to […]

Posted on September 4, 2018

Campusradio Karlsruhe

Farewell Summer!

„Summertime and the livin’ is easy…“ Josh’s Jazz is finally back from the summer break! Although September is usually still a warm month, the primetime of summer is over and autumn is slowly coming up. For this week’s show, Josh has brought a handpicked mix of jazz that goes hand in hand with enjoying the […]

Posted on Mai 30, 2018

Campusradio Karlsruhe

Sean Guptill on Josh’s Jazz

On this week’s show, Jazz trumpeter Sean Guptill visited Josh Bayless in the studio. Sean is a local jazz musician who not only plays the trumpet; he’s also a vocalist and music teacher. He has performed with bands such as “Soulcafe”, “Soul Shot” and “Funkturm”. In this special two part show, Sean and Josh not […]