The European Urbanism Tea Ramble

The first ramble of the season:

The European Urbanism Tea Ramble.

SandyJ talks about the conferences she visited this year and what she learned from them and what happened in the world and the federal state and the European and town elections in May.

Change your perspective, listen to other experiences and take their conditions into account.

What works for one nation might be totally wrong for another. So why is there more and more polarization happening?!

What can we learn from history and are infrastructure projects evil just because a nation, which Europe is sceptical about, initiated those projects? And what kind of accent does she fall into ( No, really she’s asking. No idea where that came from. :schulterzucken-frau::hautton-2: )
Let’s ponder these questions over a nice cuppa of tea :tee:.

Tonight 7 PM on the Campusradio stream.