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Tisch bit Büchern, darüber ein Mikrofon

In Episode No. 7 our Bookdragon SandyJ recommends books that will help you to bring some magic to your life, should you wish to do so. Fantasy books for the young at heart and grown women with shapeshifters galore and an all encompassing lifestyle book by a South African wedding planner.

Katie O‘Neills „Tea Dragon Society“ invites you to enjoy a warm cup of tea and a cozy hour of reading on a chilly Autumn afternoon. „Betwixt“ by Darynda Jones is for all the grown women who wish for witches that are as cool as themselves and older then 25. Colin Cowie gives you the necessary tips to style your life as chic as it could be.

In other news: Libby by Overdrive is now available for users of the Stadtbibliothek Karlsruhe and SandyJ is loving it. September 2020 brings new books in troves, so our Bookdragon gives you a few hints what books to look out for. Luckily with Fall around the corner the weather and reading chairs are calling for travelling in fictional worlds instead of the real world.

Premiere stream: Sunday, September 6, 7 P.M.
Podcast Apps: next week

Host: SandyJ
Music: Erwin Schmidt



Katie O’Neill „The Tea Dragon Society“ (2017)

Darynda Jones „Betwixt“ (2020)


Colin Cowie Chic (2007)


G. L. Carriger „The Enforcer Enigma“ (1. August 2020)

Book Releases  September (probably)

Naomi Novik „A deadly education“ (29.9.2020),

Aidan Thomas „Cemetery Boys“ (1.9.2020)

Garth Nix „The left-handed Booksellers of London“ (22.9.2020)

Tracy Deonn „Legendborn“ (15.9.2020) (Black Author)

Susanna Clarke „Piranesi“ (15.09.2020)

Scott Schuman „The Sartorialist: Man: Inspiration Every Man Wants, Education Every Man Needs“ (9.9.2020)

Other Books mentioned:

Gail Carriger „The Heroine’s Journey“ (01.10.2020),

Asa Bennett „Romanifesto“ (2019)

Chris Riddell „Guardians of Magic“ (2019)

Chris McCrudden „Battlestar Suburbia“ (2018)

Brummell & Beau „Manners for Millionaires“ (2014)

Kaylynn Flanders „Shielded“  ( July 2020)

Katie O’neill „The Tea Dragon Tapestry“ (27th October 2020)

Planing, P., Müller, P., Dehdari, P., Bäumer, Th.“ Innovations for Metropolitan Areas“ (2020)