The End and the Beginning, who turned off the light?

November on the northern hemisphere is often dreary, cold and dark. But when the skies are clear can watch the stars quite early.

Books allow us to travel not just to nice places on earth but to the dawn of time and the end of the universe. Our Bookdragon SandyJ found on her travels several interesting books. For the beginning of the universe she recommends Emma Chapman‘s „First Light – Switching on the Stars at the Dawn of Time“. While Katie Mack takes us to „The End of Everything – Astrophysically Speaking“. Two accomplished female scientists who write with a sense of humour, even November has its perks.

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Producer: SandyJ
Music: Erwin Schmidt

Book Recommendations

Katie Mack „The end of everything – Astrophysically speaking“ (2020)

Emma Chapman „First Light – Switching on the Stars at the Dawn of time“ (2020)

Book Release by a Black Author

Natasha Bowen „Skin oft he Sea“ (November 9th 2021)

Other Stuff Mentioned

Alain de Botton „The Art of Travel“ (2002)

James Hoffmann „Brad Pitt Ad“

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Our Opinions are Correct Podcast

Our Opinions are Correct: Episode 75

Dr. Becky Smethurst, „A day in the Life of an Astrophysicist“

Margot Lee Shetterly „Hidden Figures“ (2016)