Fictional and non-fictional politics

Figur eines lesenden Drachens

To better understand what is happening in the world our local Bookdragon naturally turned to books. SandyJ will share her findings with you in the new episode of Engineered Unicorns.

A classic and considered one oft he best non-fiction books of the 20th century Karl R. Poppers „The Open Society and its enemies“ compares the ideas of three known philosophers and their impact on our societies. The fictional politics you can find in Katherine Addisons „The Goblin Emperor“. How does one deal with the pressures and limitations of power and social status? 

New Fantasy books are available in the Libby App at Karlsruhe Library System and at the American Library  in Karlsruhe. And all of this episodes recommendations are available at Karlsruhes libraries.

See you in June

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Bookdragon, Producer: SandyJ

Music: Erwin Schmidt

Book Recommendation:


Karl R. Popper „The Open Society and its Enemies“

Thomas L. Friedman „The World is flat: A brief history of the 21st century“


Katherine Addison „The Goblin Emperor“

Books mentioned:

Brandon Sanderson „The Final Empire“

Brandon Sanderson The Mistborn Saga

Robert Jordan „The Eye of world“