How the architecture of today sees the house of tomorrow. Part Three

Todays episode of Zeitgeischt is dedicated to the future of architecture. The institute of sustainable building at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology organised a symposium on sustainable architecture. It went on on the 29th of April under the motto “sustain. build. repeat.” and was held at the ZKM, the center of medial art in Karlsruhe.
This episode is the last part of a series of three, dedicated to the future of architecture in the context of the climate crisis.

Do we really need to build 400 tsd new apartments per year, as the new government of Germany plans to do? How can we reduce the huge amount of climate gas emissions, caused by the building sector? Will it be possible to establish a real circular economy in the building sector? These are the fundamental questions we will address.

My name is Madina Manto and I invite you to this thrilling debate.Tune in on the upcoming Wednesday (23rd of November) at 9am via stream or over the radio wave 104.8.