Time to chill out

Palmen und Meer im Sonnenuntergang

(Bild: Josh Bayless)

This week’s episode Josh’s Jazz is all about the music genre Chill Hop, and more specifically Jazz Hop.

As the name already suggests, Jazz Hop is a fusion of Jazz and Hip Hop music. Some characteristics of it, are it being slow, scenic music often with an absence of lyrics. Whether you’re actively listening to it, or have it on in the background to study, it’s guaranteed to set a mood and help you unwind.

A musical fusion you definitely should not leave undiscovered!

This week’s special is all about relaxing, letting yourself be engulfed by the sounds and just switching off for an hour.

To see how well Hip Hop and Jazz sounds go hand in hand, make sure to tune in to Josh’s Jazz on on Thursday at 6 p.m.