Posted on August 4, 2020

Campusradio Karlsruhe

Let your mind be taken to Rio

Josh’s Jazz is back for it’s August edition! This month’s show is a mix of contemporary pieces and old classics. “Secret Entrance to Your Heart” by the band Breeze BossaNova is one of Josh’s discoveries and recommendations this month. Words and music of the piece are by Scott Fivelson (“Goodnight, L.A.” by Dave Corwin and […]

Posted on Juli 21, 2020

Campusradio Karlsruhe

Moving People’s Hearts

Helin is presenting the 3rd and last genre, after Shoegazing and Britpop – here comes Trip Hop! Dating back to late 80’s and early 90’s, Trip Hop evolved in a very prolific atmosphere rich with multi-cultural background in Bristol. Being one of the most fusionist of all genres, the word “Trippy” stands for the living […]

Posted on Juni 9, 2020

Campusradio Karlsruhe

Brit up your spirit!

Great to be back with the second episode of the “Hidden Treasures in Music”! While the weather was rather gloomy as well as like lockdowns back in April, we smoothened our ears with the “Shoegazing Melancholy”. That was then and this is now; time has come to brighten up and say “Hello” to better times. […]

Posted on April 22, 2020

Campusradio Karlsruhe

All Jazzed up

All Jazzed up and Nowhere to go – that’s not only a piece featured on the show but a situation we are all in at the moment. In this month’s show we will be remembering two artists who sadly passed away this April: Manu Dibango and Lee Konitz. Dibango was a Cameroonian jazz artist whose […]

Posted on März 12, 2020

Campusradio Karlsruhe

“Where should I fly to first?!”

Boarding for the Continental Jazz flight will begin at 6 p.m.  this Thursday evening! For this special edition of “Josh’s Jazz” you will be taken on a musical journey around the world. Stops and destinations include “Sunday in New York”, “Carolina In The Morning”, “Shanghai Shuffle” and an “Afternoon in Paris”. So keep the evening […]

Posted on Dezember 19, 2019

Campusradio Karlsruhe


This month lots of new releases by Eartheater, Varg²™, Burial, Proc Fiskal, Shygirl, unreleased material of Dean Blunt and some older tunes. And lots of new releases from 76666: Gonna play you some tracks from one of my favorite albums of the year “sterts – ignorance is bliss”, one from “Concrete Fantasies” release and a […]

Posted on November 20, 2019

Campusradio Karlsruhe


This month we have a lot of new releases by Vegyn, Shhmokey, Dean Blunt, Clipping, Earl, Danny Brown.. Part of them will be two new tracks by 76666 Crew-members thirdworldlabour and Malis. Tune in thursday, November 21, 9 p.m. on stream and UKW 104.8.

Posted on November 6, 2019

Campusradio Karlsruhe

Chris Becker counting down

Campus Countdown, the show that keeps you up to date with the lastest and greatest House musics, is back again with a special guest for our upcoming episode: Chris Becker is in charge of this episode with some amazing House musics. This Thursday, November 7, at 9 p.m., on and UKW 104.8.

Posted on September 11, 2019

Campusradio Karlsruhe

Autumn Vibes

With summer slowly coming to an end, the opportunity for outdoor activities is becoming limited. Why not make yourself a comfortable afternoon indoors with some handpicked jazz? In the upcoming show, Josh has brought some of his favourites from his autumn jazz playlist, including a piece performed on an instrument which is played without any […]

Posted on August 14, 2019

Campusradio Karlsruhe

Speeches in Songs

Throughout history many inspiring, powerful speeches have been delivered. To name just a few: President John F Kennedy inspired a nation that mankind needs to explore space, Martin Luther King used his voice to fight for equality, Charlie Chaplin used one of his own movies to send out a speech against fascism. In the current […]