Pressing Re-St(art) on Art

Logo Schriftzug SOMAMA

(Bilder: Marianne Schädler)

Can we make magic out of other people’s junk? Save the earth whilst also putting on a great show?  This question had students Sofia Cartuccia, Mara Florean and Marianne Schädler up at night during their master’s degree at UIC Barcelona, Spain.

With the idea of “One’s Trash – Another’s Treasure” the three set about to not only contrive an art project using recycled material, but also create a different kind of art concept that truly has the audience immersed within it.Thus, SoMaMa was born and with it, the “Re-St(art) Experience”. An exhibition where people are not only invited to see environmentally sustainable art but can also actively participate. And this exhibition will be part of European Capital of Culture 2020 – Rijeka, Croatia, next year.

In this week’s ‘Live-Stunde’ one of SoMaMa’s founders, Marianne Schädler will be talking to Marla Geesing, explaining more about the whole experience and how you can be a part of it!


Listen in this Wednesday, 9th of October at 10 a.m. on UKW 104.8.