Posted on Oktober 8, 2019

Campusradio Karlsruhe

Pressing Re-St(art) on Art

Can we make magic out of other people’s junk? Save the earth whilst also putting on a great show?  This question had students Sofia Cartuccia, Mara Florean and Marianne Schädler up at night during their master’s degree at UIC Barcelona, Spain. With the idea of “One’s Trash – Another’s Treasure” the three set about to […]

Posted on Mai 3, 2018

Campusradio Karlsruhe

Thinking about cities

In the final episode of the first season Sandy talked to Professor Paola Vigano about cities during the Karlsruhe Dialogues. What makes European cities so special and what challenges do they face? Professor Vigano doesn’t think about the immediate challenges but the longer developments. So you get a lot to think about over the summer […]

Posted on März 2, 2018

Campusradio Karlsruhe

Traffic lights and culture

European Urbanism Podcast Episode 4: Traffic lights and culture. The guests were Dr. Clotilde Minster (pictured left) and Prof. Dr. Norman W. Garrick (on the right). We spoke last December about University parking, traffic lights and what all that and more has to do with city culture. Dr. Minster is a researcher at the KIT-IfV […]