The Heroine‘s Journey to a Happy Ending

In these trying times our local Bookdragon SandyJ and countless readers around the globe take refuge in magical stories with happy endings. These stories are often based on a distinct and largely unknown narrative structure: the Heroine‘s Journey.

The new non-fiction book by Fantasy author (and Archeologist) Gail Carriger is written for authors and readers to get to know and use this narrative structure appropriately.
So join us on Sunday, November 8, at 7 p.m. on our stream to find the structure of positive stories and where to look for those stories.

On the podcast platforms you’ll find this episode on Monday, noon-ish.

Bookdragon: SandyJ
Music: Erwin Schmidt

Book Recommendation:

Non-Fiction: Gail Carriger „The Heroine’s Journey“ (2020),


Hardback Hoarder – 2 very impressive videos one on vampires and their origins and the other as a character of Beetlejuice. Very Halloween.

Daniel Greene – Interviews with Brandon Sanderson and Steven Erikson

November Releases (probably ;-):

Charlie N. Holmberg „Spellbreaker“ (1.11.2020)

Jenn Bennett „Chasing Lucky“ (11.11.2020)

Tochi Onyebuchi „Rebel Sisters (War Girls #2)“ (17.11.2020)

Brandon Sanderson „Rhythm of War (Stormlight Archives 4)“ (17.11.2020)

Other Stuff mentioned:

Kobo writing life Podcast with Gail Carriger

The Every Day Novelist podcast with Gail Carriger

Matt Haig „The Midnight Library“

Terry Pratchett „Mort“

Brandon Sanderson „The Way of Kings“

J. K. Rowling „Harry Potter“ Series

Steven Erikson „Malazan Book of the Fallen“ Series

Movie „Howl’s Moving Castle“

Movie „Station Agent“