Summer Shorts

Ever wondered what books and pens have in common?

Well, our Bookdragon SandyJ drew (pun intended) her own conclusions in a Café this month. With other insights she had help from Kae Tempest’s „On Connection“. And even though it was a summer read for her, she recommends one book for the Halloween season  :jack_o_lantern:.

Short books full of fun and insights in this month’s Engineered Unicorns episode, Spy ring included.

Bookdragon: SandyJ
Music: Erwin Schmidt

1st Stream: Sunday 3rd of October 7PM, Drop on Monday around noon, Oldschool Radio broadcast Tuesday October 12th 10 AM at 104.8, YouTube whenever we get around to it.

Book Recommendations

Shaun Bythell „Seven Kinds of People you find in Bookshops“ (2020)

Available at Karlsruhe’s City Library

Kae Tempest „On Connection“ (2020)

Ben Aaronovitch „What Abigail did that Summer“ (2021)

Book Release by a Black Author

Dhonielle Clayton „Shattered Midnight“ (October 5th 2021)

Other Stuff Mentioned

The Bookshop Wigtown

Cathy Hay „How to make time for yourself and for your hobbies“

A Critical Dragon (A.P. Canavan with Philip Chase)