Engineered Unicorns

Bookdragon:   SandyJ

Music:              Erwin Schmidt

Publication      Monthly, 1. Sunday Stream, 2. Tuesday Radio

Language:       English

Ever wondered what an engineer reads after work? SandyJ gives you monthly book recommendations that are fantastic in more than one way. Books to escape from reality (for those not afraid of unicorns) and on how to improve your reality should you wish to do so. She will tell you if the books are currently available at one of Karlsruhe’s fantastic libraries and talk about reading and adjacent experiences. All from the perspective of a Bookdragon who is an engineer by day and likes a bit of magic off the clock. Happy endings in every episode.

These are the book recommendations so far (February 2022)

About our Bookdragon SandyJ:

SandyJ grew up in Leipzig, once the German centre of the bookprinting.

Even as a kid she loved fantastic stories (Alexander Volkov’s “Wizard of the Emerald City” series was an absolute childhood favorite) and wanted to become an astronaut when she grew up. Well, now she is an engineer but she still dreams of flying to the stars or roam fantastic lands preferably with a snarky dragon and some magicians (of all genders) who share her sense of humour.

Since she reads 50+ books a year, she thought a podcast about her reading adventures would be fun to produce.

In her free time she also likes to watch K-Dramas and she just bought some rollerskates, because after one year of pandemic lifestyle she snapped and thought relearning rollerskating would be fun (We’ll see about that. *Eyeroll*).

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